Welcome Friends!

-Fluffernut VanJingles-

-Tina The Tooth Fairy-

-Hank the Easter Bunny-

Greetings! Elf Fluffernut VanJingles and friends here! We are a group of appointed Elves, Fairies & Bunny's picked by the Big Guy himself. We are a committed group as not only do we do personalized magical deliveries for Santa, but we deliver for Tina the Tooth Fairy and Hank the Easter Bunny too!


I think you all should know that Tina the Tooth Fairy is a bit of a slacker. She is always going out and getting her nails done... her hair done... (she thinks she's Rapunzel but trust me she is NOT). Once a week she gets her wings refurbished and let me tell you that takes forever!!  We Elves pick up the slack, and it actually works to our advantage. Mrs. Claus knows how hard we work and often brings us a plate of her famous sugar cookies. Don't tell anyone, but sometimes I take a few extra cookies off the plate and hide them in my ears. That's the bonus of being an elf.....big ears with hidden storage.  Maybe I should start making Elf ears and sell them to IKEA.

We are currently working on The Hip Hop Bunny Boxes for Hank the Easter Bunny to deliver. He is on vacation for another week in Aruba (they don't eat rabbit in that country) and sent us a selfie a few days ago. TRUST ME  you don't want to see a bunny in a speedo. FUR EVERYWHERE. Tina the Tooth Fairy saw the picture while she was flying and texting and she laughed so hard she crashed into a Burger King. NOW THAT'S FUNNY.

Well I should run here, the Big Guy put me on dish duty for 4 years. I accidentally glued Tina´s Fairy wings together a few weeks back when she was sleeping. Hank the Bunny watched me do it and he snorted so hard that a carrot came flying out of his nose. Talk about gross but entertaining. 

Until next time,

Photo at Last Years

"Elf Power" Convention.

A few reminders...

Deliveries may be opened before Easter if you wish. Hip Hop Bunny Boxes contain activities for the children leading up to Easter.

When ordering items such as clothing please remember to add the clothing size.

Please double check that spelling is correct

of names for all personalized items.

Orders placed after April 10th, 2019 are not guaranteed for delivery before Easter.

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